From 'mobilis' to Pegasus

The two strongest elements in Mobil's trademark history have been the word "Mobil" and the Flying Red Horse, Pegasus.

A U.S. trademark registration was based on the first use of Mobil on June 15, 1934. The word was coined by splitting off the root of the trademarks "Mobilgas" and "Mobiloil".

Mobiloil was first on the scene; it's known that Mobiloil was marketed in England as early as 1899, and the Mobiloil trademark was registered in the U.S. Patent Office on January 27, 1920.

Company records are vague but indicate that whoever first suggested Mobiloil undoubtedly was motivated by the Latin word "mobilis" (meaning capable of being moved) and by the new horseless carriages, which the product lubricated.

The Flying Red Horse, or Pegasus symbol, was adopted as a trademark in the U.S. shortly after the organization of Socony-Vacuum in 1931. But it had been used abroad for many years -- as long ago as 1911. Apparently the first to use Pegasus as a symbol of speed and power was the former Mobil company in South Africa. It was Mobil Sekiyu in Japan, however, that first colored it red.