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Carl Sandburg Middle School
Seventh Grade English Class
Student-Authored Sky Poetry

"The night possesses an unparalleled power to excite the human imagination. [Finite], yet infinite. Dark, yet full of light. Near, yet unreachably far. No part of our world displays such immediately accessible patterns of order, and no part of our world remains so deeply mysterious." - Chet Raymo, 365 Starry Nights.

The Carl Sandburg Middle School (CSMS) 7th grade sky poetry unit was featured in the May 1998 issue of Fairfax County Public Schools' Apple magazine. For more information on this highly successful innovative interdisciplinary unit, check out a special online version of the article, The Sky Touches Everyone, by Judy Kramer, CSMS Enrichment Specialist.

CSMS 7th grade English classes visited the Sandburg Planetarium for an interactive lesson
on the science embedded within many of Carl Sandburg's poems...

...then students wrote and illustrated their own sky poems.

A sampling of illustrated sky poems on display at CSMS.

Illustrated sky poems were graded using a performance-based assessment rubric [developed by the former Team 3 English teacher (Jacob) with input from the CSMS Planetarium Teacher and Enrichment Specialist].

CSMS Grade 7 English Teachers

2000-2001 Sky Poems

Mr. Ebeling, CSMS Assistant Principal, shown left (beside Ms. Judy Kramer, CSMS Enrichment Specialist),
modeled writing process skills by authoring several sky poems...

UNTITLED, by Mr. Ebeling

like stars,
shine brightest
when looked upon
with wishes
and hopes.

UNTITLED, by Mr. Ebeling

Let's take a walk
with the stars.
The Moon
can come,

UNTITLED, by Mr. Ebeling

are stars
that reach
the Earth.

seeing is deceiving:
the truth about stars, by Mr. Ebeling

The light that says today
is a million years away.

Seaing in Green, by Mr. Ebeling

The clarity of the sky,
When gazed upon
With human eyes,
Is sublime. When gazed upon
With fishies’ eye
Is aquablime.
(Those fishies have so much to say.
Yet, they tend to swim away.)

MY WISH, by Andy (Team 3)

Many people say,
I will see a shooting star some day,
And with that star,
I will wish,
To be the slyest, smartest, and strongest.

And tonight I saw that star,
falling, falling
Like snow on a winter's day.

And that star, that beautiful, wonderful star,
In all of its wonder and glamour,
I forgot my wish
The wish I made,
The wish I had waited so long to say.

Now I know my wish,
Better than a bee knows how to buzz,
And I'll be sure that next time that star comes,
I'll wish my wish to come true.


As I look at the night sky, I look to the past
And I wonder if those dewdrops still exist
If their silver light is watching me, guiding me
So high they are, but so close to me.

In my world, we are the center of the universe,
The Sun a celestial fireball,
The Moon a goddess looking down on me,
The stars glistening silver raindrops,
Only a reach away.

Could I travel to their safe haven,
My troubles left behind in a scattered pile,
My worries in a little box sealed tight?
Could I travel to the lonely stars?
Would I find happiness there?

IMAGINE THE SKY, by Sergei (Team 3)

Imagine a sky with no stars
Imagine a sky with no past
The sky is like a never-ending dream
That has no beginning or end.

Hanging above our heads
Is the cradle moon,
The black carpet of planets and stars
Which make up the unforgettable heaven in the sky
Which make the Earth seem so small.

Where does the sky really end?

A TIME MACHINE SKY, by Ernesto (Team 3)

When you look at the sky and you see the stars,
What do you think they are?
Perhaps burning balls of gas?
Or maybe floating light bulbs that always last?
But did you ever think that they could be the time machine,
Those stars?
Well, they are!

Why the next time you see a star,
You could be looking back so far
To the first tick of Big Ben,
Or the Gettysburg Address,
Or man's landing on the moon.

Of course, before you travel in one of these time machines,
You must bring one important thing,
Your imagination!

THE STARRY NIGHT SKY, by Jessica (Team 3)

The stars glow like lightning bugs
They seem so close, but are light years away
They are glitter on black paper
They are connect-the-dot puzzles
You could sit and ponder forever.

The stars are so peaceful and pleasant,
They are sparkling sequins on a black dancing dress
They are glow-in-the dark beads on a bracelet
They are eyes gazing back at us as we gaze at them.

STARS, by Joseph (Team 4)

Stars are tiny candles
They dance across the sky
Like diamonds floating in the air
They make pictures and patterns,
And are silent as they move
They guide sailors,
And show people the way.
Ancient people looked at them and wondered,
What are they?
How did they get up there?
How long have they been there?
Flying, flashing, floating, shining, swooping stars.

ORION, I DON'T LOVE YOU, by Glenda (Team 4)

Orion, I don't love you
So please leave me alone,
The next time you call me,
I'm hanging up the phone.

I've told you once,
I've told you again
And still, you don't understand,
When I say, "BUZZ OFF!"
That is my command.

If you don't stop stalking me,
I swear you'll be sorry.
The next time we see each other,
We'll both be on Maury [the TV talk show].

Just because your constellation
Might be bigger that mine
Doesn't make me tiny.

I'm going to run away,
Far away--
Where you can't find me.

BABY DREAMS, by Vida (Team 4)

Look up at the sky and dream
Dream baby dreams
Dream of stars saying, "night-night"
Dream of sailors fishing for stars
Dream of the Moon playing hide-and-seek
Dream of the clouds drifting away
Dream of the star-steps to the clouds
Dream of the Man in the Moon
Don't stop and think: how are they here?
Just dream

Look up at the sky and dream
Dream baby dreams
Dream of the fairies up in the stars
Dream of the Sun as a big golden ball to
Dream of the moonbeams dancing in the night
Dream of the clouds in the day
Dream of the rain that washes you clean
Dream of the snowflakes that turn into butterflies
Don't stop and wonder: why are they here?
Just dream

Look up at the sky and dream
Dream baby dreams
Don't think of how
Don't wonder why
Just dream baby dreams
Dream like a baby looking up at the sky
Seeing stars shimmer
Seeing clouds drift
Look up at the sky and dream.

ABOVE AND AROUND, by Jen (Team 4)

I went to a planetarium one day
To visit the stars and the Milky Way,
And Orion's Belt, and the Big Dipper too,
(Doesn't it look like an upside-down pot without a stew?)

The stars gleamed like diamonds against an ocean of black
As I looked up at the ceiling to the sides, front, and back;
Impossible to count them for stars there were many
Except the black hole, where I didn't see any.

Taurus (the Bull), Cassiopeia (the Queen)
Were part of the night sky I had never seen.
Teapot of Sagittarius and Gemini (the Twins)
All made up of stars like the heads of tiny pins.

No matter which way I look up in the sky
I could see stars straight ahead and through the corners of each eye.
The Signs of the Zodiac were this way and that--
Shooting stars right above me over the seat where I sat.

I went to a planetarium one day
To visit the stars and the Milky Way.
Now when I look at the night from my room,
I see lots and lots more than just the Man in the Moon.

THE FOUR SEASONS, by Reston (Team 4)

Summer is my favorite time of year
I head to the South to see friends and family I hold dear
Then comes Fall and it's back to school
It's time to study and follow the rules, rules, rules!
Winter brings Christmas and cold weather too
Skiing and sledding are things I like to do
The warmth of Spring and flowers galore
Brings the daffodils which I adore
We love the seasons oh so much
From the sights to the smells and to the very last touch.

THE MOST BEAUTIFUL... by Maggie (Team 4)

I was down with the Moon
And up with the stars.
It was my perfect Summer evening.
The birds were all
Chirping a lullaby
To sing their babies to sleep.
I could see the Moon,
The Moon,
The Moon.

When I look up above
I see my friends and family
I see them shooting across the lovely,
dark, blue sky
Lying in the darkness in the night
I look to see the most wonderful sight
The Sun is coming up.

The Moon and stars are the most beautiful sight.
When both of my friends
Are meeting again.

1999-2000 Sky Poems

THE LOVE THE SKY HOLDS, by Jackie (Team 3)

The sky is like a sea of irridescent shells
That flows through your heart.

The stars kiss the sky
And the sky blushes blue,
Showing its lush, lustrous love,
Its black, blue beauty.

"Why can't all mankind love like that,
Like the stars that love the sky?"
You ask the comet that shoots by.

And the question is unanswered,
But it rings through the heavens,
Like a small child's sigh.

TIME MACHINE SKY, by Marissa (Team 3)

The night sky
Is the world's only time machine,
Taking us into the time
When planetariums did not exist.

Light travels so fast.
Yet it is slower
Than a snail
To me.

The stars are salts
That season the sky.

The stars are light bulbs
That never burn out.

The stars are reminders of yesterday.
The stars are mysterious animals.

And the North Star cries out softly,
"Follow me home."

I gaze out at my ancestor's stars.
Will my decendants ever see mine?

The stars may be gone tonight.
I will not know for eighty years.

THE CITY, by Katherine (Team 3)

The silly stars and the subtle sky.
Always changing.

How I long to go up there.
To their busy city
Called the sky.

Stars shooting around like cars.
The blinking light
Of the traffic signals.

The vast
Yet condensed road
Called space.

When the Sun comes out
The city sleeps
And a new sky awakens.

Is this sky better than the first?
Is it any more beautiful?
Or busy?

COULD IT BE? by David (Team 3)

The night sky sways above us like a blank handkerchief
It is like a road upon which someone will travel,
But without a map.

Time rears out its Titan head.
And you ask yourself, "Is that star really a star?"
Or could it be the reflection of a firefly?

Could it be that what you are seeing is just a reflection
of somewhere else?
Could it be?

Could it be that the Moon is just a flower
And the stars the weeds surrounding it?
Could it be?

Could it be that the Moon is really a crystal ball?
Could it be?

Could it be that the galaxy is just a marble?
Could it be?

Could it be that what we see is nothing more
than a black cloak draped over the sky?
Could it be?

When you look up at the sky, tell me,
What will you see:
A crystal ball, a black handkerchief, a marble, a flower, or a firefly?
Tell me, what will you see?

HOW DO YOU PAINT THE SKY? by Charlee (Team 3)

How do you reach out and grab the shining, glittery stars?
How do you start a lively conversation
with the mysterious man on the Moon?

How do you scribble colorful cirrus clouds?
How do you gather trails of feather fog by your feet?

How do you create glistening, frozen frost?
How do you feel the colorless raindrops pitter-pattering
On your face?

How do your sketch the world's atmosphere?
How do you paint the sky?


When I look at a shimmering, falling star,
I think of my soulmate,
Who might be looking at that same star.

I make the Moon our crystal ball,
and the Milky Way our ballroom.
We will dance the night away
To the sound of love and happiness,
And dreams that we made will come true.

But until that day,
I will keep looking at that falling star,
And dream of my soulmate.


I can see you high in the crowded sky
But not with my naked eye.

I know you're watching over us like an eagle flying over
And so beautiful with many colors like an extravagant peacock
Spreading her wings.

I can see you now, but wonder are you really there?

I wish I could surf on your spiraling waves of stars
And planets like a beautiful ocean on a stormy night.

I wonder how much information you bear
About our beautiful Universe, because you've
Been there for so long.

You are the heart of our Universe
Pumping stars throughout space
To bring up the skies at night.

Sometimes you remind me of a
Delicious green mint chocolate chip sundae.

Will I ever visit you?

THE CLOUDS' LULLABY, by Jessie (Team 4)

As the clouds roll onto the glistening sky,
You can see them singing their lullaby.
Of dragons and knights in shining armor,
Of big, pretty boats pulling into the harbor.
They sing their song not with words or notes,
But with beautiful pictures worth more than fur coats.
They sing of big, brown bears,
And lime green pears.
Of snakes and flutes,
And penguins in suits.
You can see them in the sky, far, far above,
With the Moon, the stars, and those two turtledoves.
They sing of rabbits, and cats, and big, furry dogs,
Of ducks, and lambs, and big, muddy hogs.
Of dancing ballerinas and tap dancers too,
Of carpenters making the last little shoe.
Like a mother lying by the side of your bed,
The clouds sing so you can rest your head.
They tell the story of a lost little boy,
Of giant gorillas and a little duck toy.
Do you see them way up high?
Way up high in the sparkling sky?
Lie on the ground or sit in a chair,
No matter where, you'll see them up there.

SEASONS, by Lloyd (Team 4)

Snow melts,
Points of green appear.
Birds sing,
Chirp! Chirp! go the robins.
The wind whispers to the flowers,
Time to grow! Time to grow! and they do
Newborns peek from their nests and burrows,
Eager to see the world they've never seen
In like a lion, out like a lamb.

Sun shines,
You spend all day at the pool.
Ninety degrees and higher every day.
School's out, no homework due
It's been weeks since the last good rain
Lying on my back, looking up,
I see a great ocean of blue sky,
And clouds floating by like giant cotton puffs.
Dream of adventure, the future, the impossible, and of another world.
These are the days.

Bursts of color,
Leaves fall,
Showering the streets,
Like a light, steady rain.
School starts, the streets now strangely quiet.
Jack-o-lanterns light up the night
Trick or Treat! they say
The temperature rises and drops, rises and drops,
Like the Sun.
The cold November wind blows,
Nipping at your cheeks, blowing up your sleeves.
The steady drip, drop, drip, drop of water.
Shorter days, wake-up early days

Fresh-fallen snow,
Cold on your tongue.
Snowmen and snowball fights, sledding and hot cocoa,
Are favorites for snow days.
"Happy Hanukah"
"Merry Christmas"
And "Happy Holidays"
Litter the streets.
Lights in houses glow in the night,
A Christmas tree in every window, Christmas lights on every house,
Are pinpoints of light in the darkness.
The season of giving and receiving.

STORMY SKIES, by Caitlin (Team 4)

This is when children hide,
When thunder shrieks and roars,
The storm is a terrible roller coaster ride,
On frightful seashores,
This is the stormy sky.

This is when lightning streaks across the sky,
There are different types of lightning like a crazy freak show,
The lightning makes you feel very scared,
The lightning makes you feel very sad and very low,
This is the stormy sky.

The clouds show their hideous face,
Lightning is a dragon that eats a dame,
The rain beats at a steady pace,
To them it’s just a game
This is the stormy sky.

AS THEY SHINE, by Ellen (Team 4)

As the blue sky turns to black
The golden stars appear
Some gather in their cliques
And others shine alone
All stand bold and confident
As they shine.

The stars stare down on those gazing up at them
Like the young boy looking up at them through a telescope
And the baby seeing the stars for the first time
And the old man for the last
The stars see them all
As they shine.

As the clock tolls midnight
The stars reach their nightly peak
It is the time where they shine the best and the brightest
They each shine like a single candle burning in the dark
They look so pure, so beautiful
As they shine.

After midnight, the stars know their time is almost up
But this doesn't depress them, oh no
They pride themselves in being protectors of the night
Besides, they know they'll be back tomorrow
So they remain bold and bright
As they shine.

The Sun's first rays begin to creep across the horizon
And the stars begin to move on
Slowly, oh how slowly they move
Across the dark, dark sky
But stand they still bright and beautiful
As they shine.

Soon people begin to emerge from their sleepy paradise
As the Sun takes its place in the sky
The stars say, "Good Day!"
And begin to hide from the day in the pale blue sky
But they will be back at their brightest tomorrow
As they shine.

THE SKY IS LIKE GOD'S FACE, by John (Team 4)

The sky is like God's face.

When the sky shines clear and blue, God is happy.
The sky is like God's face.

When the sky becomes stormy, God is mad.
The sky is like God's face.

When the sky glows green, God is sick.
The sky is like God's face.

When the sky is cloudy and dark, God is depressed.
The sky is like God's face.

When the sky fades to orange, God is tired.
The sky is like God's face.

When the sky turns to night, God is asleep.
The sky is like God's face.

If there is no sky, is there a God?

The sky is like God's face.

1998-1999 Sky Poems


Are we alone in the universe? Is there life behind those bright, sparkling stars? Will anyone hear the call from that dark sky? Is the universe one big lonely place?

Why are there so many stars in the sky? Are the stars worth looking at? When I look at the stars I see bright lights like on a street corner.

The dark sky looks like a lonely alley. The blue moon looks as if it wants to cry. Can you feel the pain of it? The pain of the dark night as it cries. Are we alone in the universe?

THE MOON AND THE STARS, by Johnny (Team 3)

The flickering stars are like fireflies far in the distance,
The luminous moon shimmers across a lake
The stars slide on the Milky Way,
They are connect-the-dots that make constellations.

The stars glisten like glitter on a dark sheet of paper
The crescent moon is like a cookie bitten in half,
It smiles at me 'til I fall asleep.

The glorious Sun rises and the stars fade away,
not to be seen until the next day.


The midnight moon is mystical,
Casting long shadows like a night stalker,
Tip-toeing across the sky and leaving silver rain in its footprints.

Dark shapes in the sky send tingles up my spine.
The stars and the moon reflect against each other,
Creating an icy, silvery light,
A glistening, sparkling sight
Guiding me through the misty air,
Drowning me in beauty,
A powerful, blinding beauty,
Mystical midnight moon.

MY ICE CREAM SKY, by Alishea (Team 3)

The moon is a magical ball of ice cream
I see big bright vanilla sprinkles all over the sky
I touch them as they fly down to Earth
I smell the chocolate saucers flying across the sky
I feel whipped cream dripping from clouds
I hear the banana splits taking off at midnight,
Flying through my ice cream sky.

ME AND THE MOON, by Diane (Team 3)

Me and the moon, walking on clouds
and riding on stars.

Me and the moon, flying though air
like hawks in the sky

Me and the moon, racing against the shooting stars,
and playing hide-and-seek in space.

Me and the moon, watching the rings of Saturn
turn and turn.

Me and the moon,
Me and the moon,
covered in clouds,
Me and the moon.


I see the sparkling stars in the crisp fall sky.
They extend a curious stare to me,
As I extend a curious stare to them.

The stars burn with all the torrid passion in the universe,
But at the same time they seem frosty and chilling beyond belief
Their elusive appearances contradict each other
But that contradiction is what makes them so enchanting.

The stars sit still and supporting like guardian angels,
Gently guiding us through the vast darkness.
At the same time they are swift silver stalkers,
Haunting and taunting the world below.

Aglow and silent, their radiance is bewitching.
The stars are mystical celestial bodies floating above us,
High in the sky on a perfect autumn nocturne.

MOON STORY. by Alex (Team 3)

The moon has many stories to tell,
Don't go back to sleep.
It is a glowing pearl, shining in the depths
of a star-dappled ocean.
A griffin's egg, nestled in the sky.
Soft moonbeams are woven into a starry, silky dress.

The moon has many stories to tell.
It is a silver orb, wandering through the velvet sky.
A jewel, embedded in the midnight, and it belongs to me.
The crescent moon is a magical wand,
healing the pain of those who suffer
The moon has many stories to tell.
Don't go back to sleep.

MYSTICAL NIGHT, by Adriana (Team 4)

When day becomes night,
the clouds blush when the Sun sets,
the moon rises above the Earth
and dangles in the sky like a mystical ornament.
Stars headlining the blackness of night,
the cold ebony sky.
Listen carefully as the stars whisper familiar tales
of Orion, the Seven Sisters, Pegasus, or the Little Dipper,
and become matinee idols of our galaxy.
As the curtain descends on our mystical night,
the stars quietly bow and disappear,
and the new day dances with the Sun.
The billowy clouds are now an ivory color,
and the moon is a distant ornament, in our new fresh sky.
night celebrates a new day.

STARS, by Jafar (Team 4)

Oh stars,
I like you a lot.

You're sometimes seen,
And sometimes not.

The contents of you
We try to explore,
You give us a way
You open a door.

You're always there
You've lived forever.

Will you ever disappear?
We hope never.

The pictures you make
In the sky
Always change
As time goes by.

You're bright at night
Though invisible by day.

Oh stars
Don't ever go away!


The darkness beckons,
The crickets call,
The stars whisper with their blinding brightness--
It's time for the Sun to rise.
Signifying an end to the mysterious darkness,
Letting the day begin,
As the Sun comes out to play.

First just a small, flickering light
Beyond the sandy shores,
Past the roaring waves.
Growing as fast as a young child's mind.
Glowing, gleaming, pointing its powerful rays.
Shattering the dark sky and all it beholds,
As the Sun comes out to play.

Pink, orange, and crimson blend,
Wrapping the sky in a patchwork quilt,
Forming shapes only strong imaginations can decode.
Swirling, altering, creating new patterns.
True magic, witnessed by all,
Magic left unexplained.
As the Sun comes out to play.

Ducking and leaping behind the hills,
Creeping higher and higher in the sky
As it inches towards its destination.
Differing slightly each passing moment,
Silently making its mark.
Shining a spotlight upon the world below,
As the Sun comes out to play.

Just one more daily trip completed,
And one more crowd amazed.
Just one more day lit by the flaming torch,
And one more show of magic.
Just another sunrise,
Changing slightly each time
When the Sun comes out to play.

FLAKES OF FANTASY, by Briana (Team 4)

The icy fingers of Winter creep upon the necks
of grass, trees, and flowers throughout the country.

The teardrops of clouds fall to the ground
in the form of snow.

Snow-shimmering, crisp, clean flakes falling
from the sky like leaves falling from a tree
during the autumn harvest.

The shimmering sparkles of brightness when
the sun reflects off the snow resemble heaping
diamonds shining with as much light as the North Star.

The luminous glow of the moon's reflection
upon the drifts of snow is as pure as a crystal blue lake.

While walking out into a uniquely fresh and
new world, you realize that snow like marshmallows
covers the yard, trees, and everything creating
a fabulous white winter.

Snow-disguising a wonderful world of green pastures,
rolling hills, and trickling creeks; disguising it
with frozen rivers, bare trees, and white forests.

Soon the snow's disguise will be lifted from the
earth and a blanket of green spring will appear.

SKY CHANGES, by Emily (Team 4)

Have you ever noticed
that the sky changes with the seasons?
On bright, sunny, Summer days
the Sun, not hidden by clouds,
warms you after a long swim in a refreshing pool.
In the night that follows, stars twinkle like fireflies,
and the man-in-the-moon smiles down on midnight strollers.
On more cloudy days,
towering cumulus clouds make shapes in the sky above,
as the Sun sets, these clouds turn dark,
and late into the night they make thunder outside your window.

In Autumn,
multi-colored leaves descend to dying yards,
the outside temperature begins to drop,
clouds bring rain and more chills,
but still the night holds the billions of luminous stars.

Winter darkness follows chilling Fall,
the afternoon sky darkens earlier in the day,
but the increase in artificial light hides much of our galaxy's stars.
Calm clouds cover many day skies,
snowflakes fall to the ground,
like leaves of previous days.
On rare days, when there are no clouds in the sky,
the snow reflects the Sun's golden rays,
making the world a brighter place.

The Spring Sun melts the sullen snow,
dark rain clouds pour buckets of rain on house rooftops,
flowers raise their blooming faces to the sky.
Days slowly become longer and longer,
and happy couples watch with wide eyes,
the beautiful colors of the setting Sun.

THE MOON IS MY NIGHT LIGHT, by Jessie (Team 4)

The moon is my night light,
brought on by a bronze sky.
Sitting luminant in the blackness of night
it creeps through bedroom windows,
softening nighttime spooks.
The moon is my night light.

The moon is my night light.
My second mother when dawn turns dusk
hushing the mouths of gossiping trees.
Nightmares will soon become dreams.
The moon is my night light.

The moon is my night light.
Round and big and pale yellow.
As I drift, it sits next to my bed
entering my dreams as sleep overcomes me.
It then leaves as soon as it comes.
Though it is now daybreak, it still lingers in the rays of sunshine.

The moon is my guardian at nightfall.
The moon is my night light.

FULL MOON FANTASY, by Patai (Team 4)

My knees start to shake
When the full moon is in sight
My mind fills with wonder
My heart with stars

When will this feeling stop?
When did it start?
How can I listen to my mind
without breaking my heart?

I'm so confused
What should I do?
Should I shoot through the moon?
Or should I fall in the ocean?

Should I ignore you?
Or give it time?
I can't think straight,
My heart controls
My fantasy.

1997-1998 Sky Poems

STAR SONG, by Stephen (Team 3)

Too many to count,
Too many to touch,
Too many to hear,
When they speak,
All at once,
Singing their mysterious
Song of the night,
Singing the past,
And the future.
The stars are,
Guardians, gargoyles,
Frozen in the icy, black sky.
Tiny lamps,
Lighting the path
On which our feet will walk,
Into the unknown,
Distant future.

STARLESS, by Jackie (Team 3)

The frigid breath of night on my neck,
A sky that is empty but filled by the moon.
I hold the moon in my hands, a cool, white, smooth stone.

I can taste the wind rustle through the leaves,
the smells of ice and dried bark float through the air.
The cold empty blackness pierces my eyes and nose.
And the moon all alone, remembers the stars.

I can imagine the stars in their exact places as little
sparks of eternity in the black crushed velvet sky.
The moon is made of fluffy white dreams, glowing hopes and aspirations.
The powdery clouds are made of love and a dash of black licorice for color.

the sky itself seems to glow,
As if it were hiding the stars and letting the light seep through.
All is black or silver on this cool November night as I watch
the moon shift over the sky in the most serene manner,
As if it were floating over an ocean of black calm.
And if I try I can hear the waves breaking over the clouds in a low
murmuring tone.

SKY LOVERS, by Jessie (Team 3)

Night after night, day after day,
Two sky lovers try to touch,
Trying to catch a glimpse of one another.
The sun, a golden ball comes and whispers an early morning's hello.
Through the day she drifts in and out of the clouds,
Through the sky wondering, thinking to herself, why?
Why am I here?
Why do I float across the sky every day without seeing my love?

The moon, a silver sphere comes and whispers his hello to the stars.
Trying to catch his love, the sun.
Every night he comes, but every night he fails.
Darkness is forgotten as he shines with might.
Still he wonders why?
Why am I here?
Why do I float across the sky every night failing attempts to see my love?

Maybe they are enemies, fighting each day to claim the sky.
Maybe they are envious of each other,
The moon wanting to be bright and powerful,
The sun wanting to be soft and gentle.

When they meet will they fight or embrace?
Who will the stars choose,
The sun their leader or the moon their friend?

No one will ever know the mystery of the sky lovers,
And no one will ever find such a great passion towards each other,
As the moon and the sun, two sky lovers.

QUEEN MOON, by Diana (Team 3)

The moon glows, a queen over her kingdom
Orion, Pleiades, the Big and Little Bear
all live in her palace in the sky.

There, from her lofty perch,
she orders the scorpion and Pegasus
on their nightly course.
Her messengers are the moon-lit beams
and her subjects the golden stars.

Wrapped in white velvet, as rich as buttermilk,
she sits on her silver throne
judging the heavenly dwellers.

Sailors gaze at her in vain,
for she belongs to no one man.
Poets wonder and astronomers strive to know
the secret of her haunting glow.

THESE STARS, by Sara (Team 3)

When I look up into the sky, I see untold stories of long ago.
For these stars have seen it all: war, love, and heartache,
the days of kings and queens.
They have been told the secrets of the Earth.
They were there at the greatest birth.
They have seen the passion of two lovers and the cries of famous heroes.
The midnight ride of Paul Revere, the night that Lincoln was shot, the hard
times of the Great Depression, the happy times of the fifties.
The stars were there; they know all of this
and even harder times.
For these stars have been through worse times than we
yet still they shine for all to see.

LOOK, LOOK UP AT THE SKY, by Patricia (Team 3)

Look, look up there, what do you see?
Balls of gas burning far, far away?
Or are they diamond gowns worn by angels on the dark dance floor?

Look, look up there, what do you see?
Are they just...stars?
Or are they dazzling golden girls, dancing in the sky?

Look, look up there, what do you see?
Do you see a rock orbiting earth?
Or is it a fat, round angel whispering to Mars when it passes by.

Look, look up there, what do you see?
Just ....the moon?
Or is it a silver-strung dream waiting to come upon us?

Look, look up there, what do you see?
Just the sky?
Or is it a palace of imagination and dreams with all its glory, waiting to be discovered?

THE OCEAN OF STARS, by Ben (Team 3)

We live in an ocean of stars,
a shimmering beach in the sky.
Gleaming and scattered like specks of sand,
The planets sunbathe on the land,
by the Milky Way, the boardwalk of stars.

The watery sky in which we lie
is a swimming pool fit for the gods.
It gives us hope and keeps us strong,
a wave that moves us all along.
It takes the tears and brings our dreams,
makes our myths and shapes our stories.

THE NIGHT SKY, by Lindsey (Team 3)

The night sky is a jewelry box
With millions of diamonds in it,
and a dark blanket of velvet
hanging from the top.
The diamonds just lie on it
like they are stuck there
and the marvelous moon shines alone,
like one earring missing its partner.
What a wonderful jewelry box --
How did it get there?

HALLEY'S COMET, by Brett (Team 3)

Halley's Comet streaks from star to star,
as if fired from Orion's bow.
It streaks across the harvest moon,
illuminating it to a marvelous glow.
For a moment in time, all is forgotten,
and there is nothing except you and the glow.
For just that single moment,
neither joy, nor woe, stands between you and the glow.
The rich, the poor, the young, the old, must stop to watch,
for only once in 75 years do they see the fiery rainbow.
All must stop to watch,
as it shoots across the sky like an arrow,
fired from Orion's bow.


Shooting star, shooting star,
when do you stop moving?
I see you in the night,
Flying past other stars that stay still.
Why do you fly away to the Milky Way?
Please stay.
Don't fly away.

You're back, you're back,
For a short time as before.
Please stay this time.
Better yet, I'll go with you.
I'll hold on to your tail.
You lead the way.

MOONLIGHT, by Gretchen (Team 4)

The moonlight shines above the ocean's night,
It glimmers and dances in the reflection of the sea
While little diamonds fall behind and dance in soft melody.

Oh, beautiful moonlight!
You shine through my night with wonderful stars,
Passion flows in the air
When I look at your signals of love
Your signals of mystery.

With you falls my night and dawns my day,
Oh, beautiful moonlight!
How wonderful you are.


The sky was black
A dark kingdom.

A single star appeared
A knife in the dark
That pierced the very heart of the kingdom.

More appeared
Like spears
Cutting through the darkness.

Then the sun,
The strong, bright king of the stars
Destroyed the dark
And restored light to the realm of the sky.

UNTITLED, by Sarah (Team 4)

Alone under the sky,
We can finally be at peace,
So tender are these moments,
As gentle as a lamb's soft fleece.

Were there one place I could live forever,
It would be here beside you
While we gaze at the same star,
A small twinkle in the sky, darkest of blue.

Midnight masks us both,
And though I can't see your face,
I sense your smile,
And feel the warmth of your embrace.

But I open my eyes and it's all a sad memory,
Those moments seemed like a dream,
All those sweet, and delicate times
Took off in a flash or so it does seem.

Once again I find myself alone,
Caught in a realm of despair.
Where are you now?
Do you even still care?

What happened to our sky?
What happened to our moon?
Why aren't you here beside me?
Oh, why did I fall in love so soon?

So now I watch the sky,
And my hopes were all in vain;
For I cannot see the moon or stars;
And my heart cries in agonizing pain.

Untitled, By Keith (Team 4)

I remember sneaking outside in the fields early in morning
I would lay on the fresh grass
The dew awakened my skin
The light of the sun seemed to trickle out of the sky
A gentle waterfall of gold
It would roll and play with the clouds
Dancing on the white wisps as light as a fairy
It always seemed like Mom invited me in for breakfast too soon
Meadows extended as far as the eye could see

I remember opening my bedroom window during a thunderstorm
The wind roared and carried rain like the tide crashing against the house
It would pummel leaves on the trees and splatter on the rooftop
Drips rolled off the window sill and blew onto my bed
Lightning slashed across the sky faster than I could follow
Thunder applauded the light show of the heavens
Nature's onslaught as far as the eye could see

I remember climbing on to the roof of my house to see the stars
Each little speck had its own glow
Each dot had its own voice, lost among the darkness around it
They sat peacefully waiting just out of reach
As if asking why can't you reach me?
Why can't you reach the dream you desire most?
Beauty is like that
Not something you can touch or feel
But still sitting in your mind on the edge of possibility
Countless stars as far as the eye could see
Immeasurable beauty as far as the mind can reach

THE POWER OF THE SKY, by Roberta (Team 4)

The stars make pictures across your face,
and whisper dreams in your ear.
What tomorrow brings will be,
for peace is found in the stillness of night.
Looking at the dark streets you find they are lit by glowing bodies of fire from above.
This is the power of the wondrous sky.

We wake to light, a ray of hope streaming from the windowsill to our rooms.
Rising from sleep, birds sing songs of morning greeting the sun.
Fearless and brave, every morning it does rise, to light our way and bring us joy.
Something lurks in the shadows, but only the sun knows what is amidst.
This is the power of the sky.

Sharp wind twirls my hair around my face in a mess of tangles,
But your laughter cuts through the icy cold and warms our heart.
Small flakes begin to fall, and the sun has disappeared without warning, hiding from the strange change of plans.

Our tongues catch flakes of crystal showers,
and diamonds join them to fall to our open mouths waiting below.
This is the power of the wondrous sky.

All these are acts of the sky.
It gives us peace of mind, and eases our pain.
It can sweep us away and fill our hearts with love.
The certainty of the sunrise is like the passing of time,
both will go on, no matter what we might try.
This is truly the power of the wondrous sky.

AS THE SUN DEPARTS, By Brian (Team 4)

As the sun departs you lay on your back in the bright green itchy grass.
You look at the brilliant array of colors that streak the sky, left from the sun's path across the sky.
As the sun departs you suck in crisp cool air and stretch your tired arms.
You look as the moon moves across the darkening sky.
As the sun departs an icy breeze ruffles the leaves and the sun peeks behind a big fluffy cloud turned bright orange by the sun's radiant light.
The sun lowers below the cover of the bright orange cloud and seems to be speedng up as if trying to finish his race across the sky as quickly as possible.
Then the sun begins to dip into the horizon, sinking below the surface of the distant trees.
The departure of the sun has turned the once bright orange cloud dark purple.
Now that the sun is gone the moon begins her race across the sky and her fans, the stars, light up the night.

MIDNIGHT SKY, by Jeanie (Team 4)

The shimmering stars,
High in the sky,
Stare down at the Earth,
With fire in their eyes.

The glimmering moon,
A face in the sky,
Smiles down at a child,
Staring at the midnight pie.

The mysterious planets,
Orbiting the sun,
Are like big balls of yarn,
Colorfully just spun.

The midnight sky,
Above the Earth below,
Quilts our fragile planet,
With a series of stars that go and go.

So this is the story,
Of the midnight sky,
And the stories it tells,
Enlighten our lives.

Sandburg Center for Sky Awareness